Success Stories





Story 1 - Procurement

A large international company from the chemical sector has used the PROMETHEE approach to assess the quality of its suppliers and to help its purchasing officers to choose the best suppliers.


Story 2 - Environmental impact studies

The Ministry of Environment of the Walloon Region in Belgium uses PROMETHEE to assess the quality of environmental impact studies.


Story 3 - R&D projects management

One of the main Belgian telecom companies uses PROMETHEE to evaluate and select R&D project proposals from its departments.


Story 4 - Financial evaluation

A large Belgian bank has used PROMETHEE to evaluate its industrial clients for credit allocation.


Story 5 - Belgian Army

The Belgian Army uses PROMETHEE to evaluate and select tenders.


Story 6 - Energy production planning

A major Belgian electricity producer has developed a model based on PROMETHEE for planning the construction of electric power-plants.


Story 7 - Research projects evaluation

A Canadian administration has developed a PROMETHEE model for the evaluation of research projects.




Story 2016 - Your success story?

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