The history of PROMETHEE-based software


30-year experience


We are the authors of the PROMETHEE-GAIA methods.


We have been developing PROMETHEE-based software for over 30 years.


We are the only multicriteria decision-aid experts to guarantee a correct implementation of PROMETHEE and GAIA.


Be careful... Some claim to be PROMETHEE and actually provide users with flawed software. Contact us for information.


Some history



PC, Mac, ... MS-DOS... Long time ago (when I was young... ;-) the multicriteria decision aid software available at that time was incredibly un-user-friendly. PROMCALC was a revolution: MS-DOS with graphics, interaction, visuals. It was the first MCDA actually usable software.


2000 - Decision Lab.

Windows 98 era. Decision Lab is launched in 2000. It is the first professional multicriteria decision aid software with a Windows interface. It introduces a new quality level in MDCA software. It was so unique, so good that many still use it today.


2005 - The Dark-Sight...

Would-be and mostly incompetent "experts" exist, even in Brussels. Some only want to make money from unaware decision-makers. Around 2005 some tried and failed but worse they came up with poor solutions. Here at we have bad feelings about flawed, mixed and poorly designed software. You should be very careful when you make decisions based on a flawed and legally disputable decision aid software. Such software can be dangerous to use because it doesn't rely on any sound basis or because it mixes completely opposite and incompatible methods such as PROMETHEE and MAUT. This can easily lead to unexpected, unwanted, disputable and obviously unacceptable solutions. Should you be a victim of such software, please contact us, we will be very happy to help you to use PROMETHEE the right way and we will provide you with a free license of Visual PROMETHEE Business Edition.


2010 - Visual PROMETHEE

Around 2010 a good software update to Decision Lab was definitely needed. Indeed Decision Lab was getting outdated, new developments of the PROMETHEE methods were ready for use and no good software replacement was available. The authors of the PROMETHEE-GAIA methodology then decided to work on a new up-to-date software. Today Visual PROMETHEE is available as a result of their efforts. Click here.


PROMETHEE software today


After PROMCALC, after Decision Lab, coming directly from the authors of the PROMETHEE and GAIA methods, Professors Jean-Pierre Brans and Bertrand Mareschal, today Visual PROMETHEE is available for download from this site. It is the only official, consistent and error-proof PROMETHEE-based multicriteria decision aid software.


2016 will bring new developments... Stay tuned!



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