Cost of Services


The PG currency


The PG (short for PROMETHEE-GAIA credit) is the currency used for the pricing of the PROMETHEE-GAIA Services.


As of November 14, 2014, the value of the PG is the following:


1 PG = 50 EUR

1 PG = 65 USD

1 PG = 75 CAD

1 PG = 42 GBP

1 PG = 900 MXN


Travel expenses


  • For all training, courses or seminars, the travel and accommodation expenses of the
    speaker(s) are not included in the PG pricing. These expenses have to be paid by the
    customer additionally to the event PG fee.

  • Normally, accommodation is in a 4*-hotel close to the event location. The choice
    of the hotel is made under the agreement of the speaker(s) and the customer.
    For locations less than 50 km away from Brussels accommodation is not required.

  • Travel expenses are determined as in the table below:







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